Wednesday, 23 May 2018



It was celebration galore recently amidst pomp and pageantry when the foremost pressure group in Eket Local Government Area,  OKON > EKET PROJECT  marked her one year anniversary.

Indeed,  joy, enthusiasm rented the air as well as clinking of glasses and thumping of chests for the tortuous journey and the abundant grace to weather the storms so far.

Frankly speaking , the grassroot group has been able to register her presence in the political chessboard of Eket and have left memorable and indelible footprints in the sands of time within a very short time of their existence

The driving force behind the group,  Otuekong Uduak Ekpo Eshiet , the Attah of Ekid Nation also The Apostle and Progenitor of Zoning in Eket went down memory lane on  what led to the coming on board of this vision and mission to the admiration of many political think tanks that graced the momentous occasion.

According to the erudite Engineer and Political Scientist,  Okon>Eket Project came as a child of necessity to champion the cause of continuing to uphold  the enormous Benefits of Geopolitical Zoning of political Powers in Eket LGA. 

He further stated that the Project has been watered,  nurtured and has now crossed the boundaries of making it to stardom and hugging the political headlines of Akwa Ibom State as continuously stated by Gov Udom Emmanuel in his words :
"If Zoning does not favour you , stay away , I want peace in evey part of Akwa Ibom State".

Otuekong Uduak Eshiet also noted with dismay the fast growing and worsening dimension of diabolical oath taking " Mbiam" in politics saying that this is an ill wind that blows no good and as such should be jettisoned and condemned in its entirety.

He sounded it loud and clear that It is now the turn of Okon-Eket Geopolitical Zone to produce the next legislator for the Eket State Constituency seat come 2019 and lauded the kind gestures of their fellow  brothers in the other two Zones who have identified with their cause.

One of the high points was the cutting of the anniversary cake.

Dignitaries from all walks of life graced the occasion among whom were the Group Coordinator,  Obong Inyang Eshiet , Elder Afia Ekpenyong, The Scribe.

Also conspicuous on the line up to add pep to the event were political big wigs of Okon extraction like Hon Thompson Uko , Hon Samuel Ibok , Mr Michael  Uwemedimo,  Mr Victor Isemin and Comrade Oton Okon among others.

Friday, 27 April 2018



The easiest way to detect a lie is to ask the liar to repeat himself or herself. The first narrative will be different from the second and the second and first different from the third. That was the case of a story cooked up by some miscreants about Otobong Effiong Bob, Esq. and the issue of mbiam with regard to his aspiration.

One narrative said the chapter chairman of the PDP in Nsit Ubium was the first to swear to the oath. Another one said it was the PDP Ward Chairman for Ubium South 3. And yet another version said the Commissioner for Lands and Town Planning was at the venue. As if those were not enough, they said in another breath that details were loading.

It would have been fair for us to leave it at that and ask the reading public to judge for themselves. But in these political times, most things need explaining.
1. They said the incident took place in the village in Nsit Ubium. The Honourable Commissioner never left Uyo the whole of yesterday April 26, 2018 except when he went to Ukanafun on an official engagement.

2. The PDP Chapter Chairman for Nsit Ubium was busy attending to other party matters and is not a member of the ward they made reference to.

3. We are not aware of any Nsobom Ikopo who is a Ward Chairman in the whole of Nsit Ubium.

4. Neither Otobong Effiong Bob Esq nor Senator Effiong Bob, FCIArb is from Ubium South 3. They do not reside in the state and have no knowledge of what the writers of the story are insinuating.

More importantly, Otobong Effiong Bob Esq. has no reason to administer mbiam on anybody. The reason is that he has consulted widely and his acceptability is overwhelming - amongst the youth, the women and the elders. One does not need diabolical means to win the hearts of the people. His intelligence, exposure, educational attainment and Christian upbringing stand him out of the miscreants and the mediocre.

More than all these Otobong Effiong Bob Esq. has been raised on very high and sound Christian values and principles and so cannot deviate from such path. The idea of mbiam or any diabolical act is an anathema to him.

It is possible that those who brought forth the story have diabolical tendencies. Nsit Ubium people should see them as such and veer away from them.

Perhaps, the sponsors of the mbiam story having found themselves rejected by the people of Nsit Ubium and having failed in their previous attempts are activating this latest effort. They have failed before and failure will continue to dog their path.

We do know that the good people of Nsit Ubium have since made their choice for the Nsit Ubium State Constituency seat come 2019, therefore no blackmail, campaign of calumny or character assassination will change their minds. However, we have to urge the people of Nsit Ubium to remain steadfast and disregard the antics of desperate political jobbers.

Thursday, 26 April 2018


Akwa Ibom 2019: Eket Stakeholders Reject David Lawrence Reelection Bid.

Inability to carve a niche for himself as an active and committed lawmaker has landed Mr. David Lawrence in the bad books of the Peoples Democratic Party.

Mr. Lawrence who is presently representing Eket State constituency in the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly was openly informed by the party Chairman Obong Paul Ekpo that he is among the lawmakers that will not return in 2019.

Our reporter gathered that about a month ago the Speaker of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly Barr Onofiok Luke had taken all members of the Assembly to meet with the Party Chairman Obong Paul Ekpo in his Shelter Afrique residence.

At the meeting, the way forward for the legislature and the party was discussed and the need for a greater synergy was also expatiated.

At the end of the meeting, the Speaker of the Assembly is said to have asked Obong Paul Ekpo saying, Mr. Chairman, please I am sure all of us interested in second term will return?

In response, the party boss was sharp saying No, all of you cannot return.


Ibeno Beach Is Very Safe For Recreational Activities

(Charles was only making  distressed statements, says Ibeno Chairman

The Chairman of Ibeno Local Government Area has described as a wild virus spread on Newspapers, Online news platforms and social media platforms against the image of Ibeno beach and the local government area by extension. Special Adviser to the Chairman on Media and Publicity Victor Ibok stated this in a release made available to THE INK reporter in Uyo.

He said, it is often said that "an un replied lie will naturally assume the status of a truth
 Hence, I  write with specific emphasis on the publication found on (an online news medium) on the 12th April 2018, with the caption " Uyo Skye Bank Manager drowns at Ibeno beach, unfit for fun" .

My concern In the publication, lies in the following statements made by one Charles, identified to be the sibling of the deceased.

According to Charles: " If we had any iota of doubt that the beach was not 100 per cent safe, we would not have gone there. Where we were was sandy".

" I don't believe in mystical power. Maybe an oceanographer may have an explanation for what happened. But that beach is unsafe for any form of recreational activity" .

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Lawmaker betrays Eket people*Disrespects zoning

Eket rejects David Lawrence
Lawmaker betrays Eket people*Disrespects zoning

Betrayal has been a cankerworm that destroys trust, confidence and even our democracy.  It is one element that can lead to conflict if not properly managed by the parties involved.

It is rather unfortunate, sad and disheartening that Mr. David Lawrence, a lawmaker who is supposed to be a bridge-builder and a role model to his people, has allowed desperation, selfishness greed to becloud his sense of representation and reasoning, therefore, making himself a betrayer to the very people he vowed to serve and respect the laid down political zoning arrangements in the area. Thus, the self-styled lawmaker reneged on the pact he had with the people of Eket State Constituency before he was elected to represent them in the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly.

David Lawrence has betrayed the people of Eket state constituency by his decision to go for a second term, which is considered as a blatant display of arrogance and disrespect to the people of Eket and its zoning principles. A scenario, if not properly addressed, may tear the once peaceful and  united people of Eket apart.

It was gathered during a meeting by some political stakeholders in Eket on Wednesday, 18th April, 2018 , that David Lawrence, during his consultation visit to the Clan Head of Okon in 2015 to represent Eket State Constituency in the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, had vowed to serve for one term ( 4 years duration), so that Okon Clan could take their turn in 2019, but today, the reverse is the case, as he has thrown everything within his disposal to impose himself on the people for yet another term, despite the fact that the zoning system does not favour him. A plot that will be vehemently resisted by the good people of Eket. 

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Akwa Ibom CAN Chairman Lacks Attributes Of A Christian - Former Governorship Aspirant

Akwa Ibom CAN Chairman Lacks Attributes Of A Christian - Former Governorship Aspirant
Akwa Ibom CAN Chairman Lacks Attributes Of A Christian - Former Governorship Aspirant

A former 2015 Governorship aspirant in Akwa Ibom State, Mr. Ndanti Ekuh has described the Chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria, Rev. Ndueso Ekwere as a liar, saying that the Can leader lacks the attribute of a core Christian, despite his position as the Chairman of Christian body in the state.

Ekuh stated this while reacting to the recent media report credited to the CAN chairman alleging that he (Rev. Ndueso Ekwere) met an empty treasury when he took over office from the previous Chairman of CAN in the state and that the sum of N100 million donated to the body by the then Governor Akpabio is missing.

Speaking to journalists in a press briefing, Ekuh said Rev. Ekwere can not deny knowledge of what transpired in the immediate past administration of CAN considering the fact that he was a member of the Executive of the body serving as Financial Secretary.

Ekuh who is also the publisher of Daily Detail Newspaper said that findings by him revealed that Ekwere was given a handing over note in which details of how the said money was used as well as the remainder were clearly stated.

According to him, what delayed the building of the proposed Secretariat as revealed by his investigation include non payment of compensation to host community and delay in relocation of the former occupant of the land by the state government.

"Rev. Ekwere is a blatant liar and a disgrace to Christianity, particularly, Qua Iboe Church where he is serving as a minister. How can he claim that as a former Financial Secretary of CAN he was in the State, he doesn't know what transpired in the previous administration of the body? I have made personal findings and discovered that upon his assumption of office, he (Ekwere) was given a handing over note in which a breakdown of all administrative decision and actions were clearly stated.

Friday, 13 April 2018

OBA set to brief constituents

OBA set to brief constituents

Nseobong David

All is now set for the mother of all Constituency briefing by the Senator representing Akwa Ibom North East in the National Assembly, Obong Bassey Albert (OBA).

The Chairman media committee of the event, Elder Patrick Albert made this known while briefing newsmen today in Uyo.

Elder Albert who is also the chairman Nigeria Union of Journalists Akwa Ibom State Council revealed that the Constituency briefing by the Senator which will be a week-long event, will begin on Monday, April 16, 2018 with inspection of projects and other activities, and will climax on Friday 20th April 2018 with the mega Constituency briefing by the Senator at the Uyo Township stadium by 10am.

The Chairman further said that event is not a political bait, as OBA is a Senator that empowers daily, and a stable man who believes so much in the will of God.

He used the occasion to invite all to attend the event and witness as Senator OBA brings the dividends of democracy to the grassroots.

Thursday, 12 April 2018



It is becoming increasingly interesting that most of the Special Assistants to the Governor of Akwa Ibom State are of the opinion that Mr. Udom Emmanuel will not win a second term.

The latest in that school of thought is the Governor's SA on project monitoring Mr. Raphael Anwanakak who hails from Okobo Local Government Area describing the second term ambition of Udom as Selfish and anti Oron project.

Awanakak openly displayed this in Oron township stadium during the reception of the SSG Mr. Emmanuel Ekuwem and the first ever female President General of Oron nation, Mrs. Janet Amba.

At the event, Awanakak had mobilized youths numbering over fifty with placards with inscriptions, NO Second term for you, we reject your second term and others too unprintable against a man who is his boss.

The Okobo politician who supervised the display of the placard against the Governor told newsmen that the State Chief Executive has not lived up to expectations and will have to be voted out in 2019.

He said ever since he was appointed into office, that the Governor have not deemed it fit to give him a car as is the normal practice. He however wondered why such a man should be supported to win a second term.

Meanwhile, the youths hired by Awanakak however had luck ran out of them when they were accosted and one of them Michael Effiong Bassey from Ataha Oro arrested by security agencies led by a CSO to the Governor Mr. Kalia.

Upon interrogation, Michael Effiong Bassey opened up saying that they were hired by Awanakak.

A search for the Governor's aide could not be successful as the OKOBO born politician had scampered out of sight.

Those who witnessed the incident maintained that security agents who came with the Governor had promised to fish out Awanakak and deal with the situation accordingly.

But the Governor's SA was not two time lucky as he was manhandled by youths of Oron nation at SKYPOINT Hotel when he went to attempt hijacking the money that was given to youths by the Governor.

Eye witness accounts hold that Orman Esin and Victor Antai had directed youths to assemble at the Hotel for the purpose of sharing the funds.

Awanakak is said to have invaded the hotel with his gang and made attempts to run with the money saying Udom cannot come to Oron and give money to Orman Esin and Victor Antai to share when he is in charge.

When youths of the region noticed the trouble caused by Awanakak, a youth leader of the area, Mr. Murphy led others and descended on him, beating Awanakak to a pulp. He was however rescued by Orman Esin and Victor Antai after he was unconscious.

Awanakak was however ferried to Uyo where he was admitted in an undisclosed hospital for treatment.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Guide Newspaper Publisher, Emmanuel Sam under DSS Custody

Guide Newspaper Publisher, Emmanuel Sam under DSS Custody

The publisher of  Guide Newspaper, Emmanuel Sam is currently under the custody of the Akwa Ibo State office of the Department of State Services, DSS, off two lanes.

Speaking with THE INK correspondent at the verge of honouring the invitation, the publisher said reasons for the invitation were unknown but added he was ready to meet them.

Meanwhile, the media community awaits the outcome of the invitation as journalists have urged the DSS to exhibit professionalism in attending to any issue concerning the publisher.

Saturday, 7 April 2018




Major Political Stakeholders in Ubium South on Wednesday April 5, 2018 selected Engr. Nkereuwem Ekanem as their Political Leader. In a well attended ceremony at the instance of the Hon. Commissioner for Lands and Town Planning, Arc. Ime Ekpo, the stakeholders annulled the charade of Saturday March 31, 2018 which purportedly declared Obong Essien Esema as the Political Leader of the area. 

It would be recalled that Obong Essien Esema had late last month invited people to his family compound for Easter merriment through a text message that read as follows “On behalf of my family, I wish you a very happy Easter that is filled with plenty of love and happiness. **please join me in an Easter merriment on Saturday morning 31st March, 2018: Venue: Esema Compound, Eket-Oron Road, Akai Ubium, Nsit Ubium L.G.A. Happy Easter. ObongUnwana Essien Esema” However, it turned to be an occasion where he presented himself as the Political Leader of Ubium South.

Irked by that development, political stakeholders in Ubium South, including all serving and past political office holders from the zone, PDP Chapter Chairman for Nsit Ubium and other Chapter Officers from the area, all Ward Chairmen and their executive committee members, Councilors representing the three Wards and other political heavyweights from Ubium South, came together to void the self-selection of Obong Essien Esema.

In doing so, the Stakeholders recalled that some time last year the body had selected Engr. Nkereuwem Ekanem to be the Political Leader of the area and wondered why even those at that meeting could form part of the charade of Saturday March 31.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018



The Peoples Democratic Party in Ubium South has rejected SA to the Governor on Petroleum matters, Mr. Essien Esema as the political leader of the region saying the former council chairman lacks the basic capacities to be made the political leader.

The PDP argued also that if Essien Esema should be made the political leader of the area that such should emanate from them and wondered why Obong Inyang Eno the co conspirator of that sham will allow himself to be so used.

In a release signed by the Nsit Ubium Chapter Chairman of the PDP Aniefiok U. Johnny and twelve others made available to THE INK reporter in Nsit Ubium Monday morning, the party resolved that, "the party's Chapter and Ward Executives condemn and reject the purported selection of Obongunwana Essien Edema as political leader of Ubium, that the PDP Chapter and ward Executives also put on hold the planned recognition of Engr. Nkereuwem Ekanem as Ubium South Political leader, that the Party will meet with political stakeholders in Ubium South to decide on how to bring about the political leadership of the area, that in the meantime, Ubium South remains without a political leader, that the Chapter Chairman of PDP in Nsit Ubium, Elder Aniefiok Johnny, shall handle all political matters relating to Ubium South.

Competent sources told THE INK reporter that Esema had invited some stakeholders to his house to celebrate Easter with them and how he turned around to cockily tell the people that he is now the endorsed political leader of Ubium south leaves much to be desired.

It was gathered that Esema had through an SMS invited stakeholders to his grandfather's house for an Easter treat only for him to turn around and announced himself the political leader of the area.

A sample copy of the text message sent by Esema for the meeting obtained by THE INK reporter reads, On behalf of my family, I wish you a very Happy Easter that is filled with plenty of love and happiness.
** Plese join me in an Easter  merriment  on Saturday morning 31st March 2018. Venue: Esema Compound Eket Oron Rd. Akai Ubium, Nsit Ubium LGA. Happy Easter.
Obongunwana Essien Esema.

Sources say, nothing in Esema's invite indicated there was going to be anything like political leadership endorsement and however wondered why the desperateness by Essien Esema for political leadership.

Essien Esema could not be reached for comments when contacted on the development. But sources close to him says, he will fight back